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New Zealand photography

New Zealand photographs
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New Zealand photography
Welcome to NZ photo.

This community is all about photos of New Zealand. That is, anything in New Zealand. They can be photos of places, creatures, plants, anything at all as long as they were taken in New Zealand and aren't offensive. It would be great if it became a bit of an information exchange on all things Kiwi as well, so posts don't have to be photos.

You have to join to be able to post, but you can join and not post. You have to be a member to comment, but you don't have to post to be able to comment.

When you post pictures, please say what and where they are.

One rule to keep everyone else's Friends pages sane; if you are posting more than one or two photos, please put the rest behind an LJ cut.

So, if you live in New Zealand, are originally from New Zealand, have lived in New Zealand or have visited New Zealand, here is a community where you can post your photos and discuss things New Zealand. If you plan to go there or are just interested in one of the most spectacular countries on earth, this might just be the community you are looking for.


еда, животные, природа, путешествия, фотография